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Next Harvest 2023

Next Harvest 2023

The 2022 harvest year is over. It was a hard year for all peach growers across Texas and we weren’t spared. The drought was brutally deep at the orchard. Even despite irrigating with our 45 gpm well, only one of the 8 crops of peaches grew properly. The rest of the peaches just fell off the trees. It was sad, but we are looking forward to Summer of 2023!

The peaches are coming but they always sell out fast. If you want to get some, join our text message group!


Trees are awesome. In a world where everything is dominated by instant gratification, working with a tree that must be nurtured for years forces you to slow down and appreciate the value of hard work.

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  1. I wish to join tour text list please

    1. Hi Leslie! We just updated to a new text message system. See if that simpler interface on this page doesn’t work for you.

  2. Need on the list. Tried the text thing but am technically not savvy

    1. Hi Paula. We are making it a simple to use for now instead. It should be on this page now. See if that doesn’t just work better for you!

  3. Are the peaches ready for picking yet?

    1. We just had a test harvest this last Friday. We should have a full size harvest next week! We’ll let the text group folks know and if the harvest looks big enough we will post it on Facebook.

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